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Dental Department

The compound of d. Saeed Medical is a pioneer in the field of dental services, according to the latest equipment used by the medical staff at the highest levels in terms of scientific and practical experience. The dental clinic also provides a number of medical services that deal with the treatment of roots and combinations and fillings, in addition to cosmetic services that give customers an aesthetic character such as some types of combinations that give the so-called Hollywood smile
The department has a fully equipped dental laboratory. A sterilization area has been allocated for prevention of transmission
Services Section

Dental Lenses – Alvinner & Luminaire –
Bleaching the gums with laser
Teeth whitening
Laser Gum Cutting – Gingival Smile –
Cosmetic and mineral fillings
Fixed and mobile installations
Ceramic crowns and zircon
Surgical and nonoperative extraction
Treating the nerve with a rotary device
Home teeth whitening molds
Early Detection of Caries
Party Smile- Smile Party
Preventive fillings to prevent cavities
Pediatric Dentistry
Calendar of all kinds
Hollywood Smile
Installation of diamonds
Cleaning teeth
Fluoride sessions
Treatment of lime and plaque

The technique used

Panorama 3
D radios
Zoom 5 device
Sirolaser Device
A device to remove calcareous deposits and odors of the mouth
A device to remove the pigments caused by smoking
LED Light
Nitrous oxide (liquefied gas)